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Brian graduated summa cum laude from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2007. He was the valedictorian of the English B.A. program and received recognition from the Departments of English, Chemistry, and Computer Science for his academic achievements.

After graduating, Brian joined an internationally-known supplementary education company. During his seven-year tenure he personally tutored hundreds of students, managed a team of curriculum developers, and became the most-sought teacher at one of the busiest tutoring centers in the country.

Brian’s students enjoy great academic success. His most industrious students have been accepted to several top-level universities, including Harvard, Princeton, and MIT.

Aditya R.

Brian is a compassionate mentor and a brilliant tutor. He was able to zero-in on key deficiencies in my skills to make quick gains in those areas. He saved me a lot of time and effort – and I would recommend him to anyone!

Aditya received a four-year scholarship to Boston University

Michael L.

When I gave the wrong answer to an exercise and could not understand why, Brian would guide me through the problem from unique approaches until it was clear to me. His tutoring taught me how to tackle problems from new perspectives.

Michael was accepted to an engineering program at U.C. Berkeley

How it Works

Brian offers small-group tutoring sessions at the clubhouse of The Venue at Big Creek at 50 Venue Way in Alpharetta. Students may enroll in Ongoing Tutoring for a consistent weekly schedule or use Express Booking to schedule individual sessions as needed.

Pricing and Payment

The Spring 2016 rate is $35 per hour to join a small-group session or $70 per hour to reserve a one-on-one session. All sessions are invoiced by email at month’s end and may be paid by credit, debit, or PayPal.

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